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We don't have to accept the death sentence given to our love ones by our doctors.

Our health is governed by Ten Natural Health Laws whether we know about them or not, or whether we like them or not. These laws are immutable. No one is exempt from them. If we are ignorant of these Health laws, or if we deliberately defy these health laws, we have an overwhelming likelihood of developing a serious, life-threatening disease and dying a long, slow, extremely painful death.
However, if we understand these Ten Natural Health Laws and learn to live within them, the chances are great that we will live a long, healthy, pain-free, enjoyable, full, active life – without disease. And when we are very old, we will just wear out, and die by going to sleep – without disease and without pain.

Your Body Is Designed To Heal Itself.

If you cut your hand – it will heal automatically, unless you deliberately put dirt in it, or you keep picking it open, or if your immune system is severely suppressed by the way you have been eating and living resulting in some very serious illness that causes delayed healing.If you smash your thumb with a hammer, it will eventually heal, unless you keep smashing the same thumb with a hammer - EVERY DAY!The point is that your body WILL heal itself UNLESS you keep injuring it.But most people don’t realize that they are “injuring” their body every day by the way they are living and eating. When we eat wrong and live wrong, these small daily “injuries” will result in a disease of one type or another. Unfortunately, doctors ONLY learn how to treat the symptoms of disease rather than addressing the root cause of the disease itself. Why? Because they are never taught the causes of diseases.Doctors give DRUGS – ALL of which have side effects – and ALL of which harm the body! And DRUGS only cover up the symptoms.
The ONLY way to really get well and remain well, is to STOP doing the things that cause disease and START doing the things that rebuild the immune system, the ONLY system in your body that can GET you well and KEEP you well!

Raw juicing can save your life.

The juice from raw fruits and vegetables has powerful healing and rejuvenating properties that can help people with all sorts of health problems.

Juices are easily digested and absorbed and are superb for those with a poor appetite, nausea, digestive problems and an inflamed stomach or intestines. It is so much easier to drink a juice than chew your way through large amounts of fibrous raw vegetables, especially if you are feeling fatigued and disinterested in food.

Juices are packed with active enzymes to assist the digestive process, which means your gut, liver and pancreas do not have to work too hard to provide you with essential nutrients. This conserves vital body energy, which means that you do not feel heavy or weighed down after drinking juices. You can absorb up to 99% of their nutritional value.


•They contain living enzymes to improve digestion and break down mucus. Enzymes are catalysts for the metabolic processes needed for digestion of food and the production of cellular energy.

•They contain living antibiotic substances to fight infection.

•They contain natural anti-inflammatory substances to reduce pain and the destruction of cells.

•They contain anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids, beta-carotene and other carotenoids, which fight cancer and inflammation.


Many people consume a diet high in processed foods, along with tea, coffee and alcohol. This causes a build up of acids and metabolic waste products in the body, which can result in more inflammation. This acidic state of the body can be neutralized by drinking raw juices.

Raw juices are able to stimulate the function of the bowels, liver and kidneys, which increases the breakdown and elimination of toxic chemicals and waste products from the body. The raw juices can increase the quality and flow of the bile. This is very important in detoxification, because the liver pumps large amounts of toxic poisons out of the body through the bile.


Weight Loss Juice Recipe

•1 slice pineapple

•1 grapefruit, peeled

•1/2 cm fresh ginger

•1 handful chicory leaves
(leave out if you cannot find chicory)

•2 cabbage leaves

•2 Brussels sprouts
Margaret Jaskinska talks about lifestyle factors, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines and specific foods that can help us reverse type 2 diabetes.
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Type 2 diabetes, which is sometimes called non-insulin dependent diabetes, is a condition that develops over time. Your body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin resulting in increased blood sugar levels. Family history of diabetes and obesity are two of the biggest risks factors for developing type 2 diabetes.

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Many people are turning to herbal remedies for the treatments of diseases. The reason for this is natural herbs have less side effects that traditional prescription medicine. There are vast variety of herbs for every medical condition. Before trying any type of herbal supplement, talk with your doctor.

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If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, one of the most important things that you can do is manage your weight. Being overweight can affect your blood sugar levels dramatically since fat cells can become resistant to insulin, causing your blood sugar levels to rise.

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Diabetes is a growing health problem in the world today. Did you know that approximately 20.8 million children and adults are diagnosed with diabetes in the United States alone? These numbers are growing every day. The exact cause of diabetes is not clear, however, lack of exercise and obesity are huge factors in the development of diabetes. This article will give some general information about diabetes.

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If you have type 2 diabetes and are currently overweight then you probably have already been instructed by your doctor to lose weight and to get on a low-fat diet immediately. Every diet will probably work in the beginning, but you are special and you need to make sure that your diet is one that you can stick with for the long haul.

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Never stop learning. If you were to interview 10 people that have diabetes you would be amazed at how little information they actually know on the subject of this disease. One of the hallmarks of a healthy diabetic is that they never stop learning.

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Identifying diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, means having the willingness to take a good hard look at your health and being honest about what symptoms you may be experiencing. Thousands of people every year are suffering in one form or another from type 2 diabetes ...

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Because diabetes is such a powerful and dangerous illness, there are many symptoms that stem from this terrible disease. One such example is nerve disease, which is the result of having high blood glucose levels for 10 years or more.

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In terms of food, we have more choices than ever before in history, but one truth has survived since the beginning of time. If you consume more calories than you utilize, you will gain weight. Every diet, no matter which one you look at, still runs on this principal. Eating a balanced diet of Adam and Eve's fruits, vegetables, and lean meat will allow anyone to lose weight. Add exercise and you will lose more weight. Even a twenty minute walk will help you lose weight...