Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Body Is Designed To Heal Itself.

If you cut your hand – it will heal automatically, unless you deliberately put dirt in it, or you keep picking it open, or if your immune system is severely suppressed by the way you have been eating and living resulting in some very serious illness that causes delayed healing.If you smash your thumb with a hammer, it will eventually heal, unless you keep smashing the same thumb with a hammer - EVERY DAY!The point is that your body WILL heal itself UNLESS you keep injuring it.But most people don’t realize that they are “injuring” their body every day by the way they are living and eating. When we eat wrong and live wrong, these small daily “injuries” will result in a disease of one type or another. Unfortunately, doctors ONLY learn how to treat the symptoms of disease rather than addressing the root cause of the disease itself. Why? Because they are never taught the causes of diseases.Doctors give DRUGS – ALL of which have side effects – and ALL of which harm the body! And DRUGS only cover up the symptoms.
The ONLY way to really get well and remain well, is to STOP doing the things that cause disease and START doing the things that rebuild the immune system, the ONLY system in your body that can GET you well and KEEP you well!

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